May 18, 2012

OUTFIT: nuit blanche

ruffly lace shorts c/o, h&m sweater+sandal wedges, rings from forever21, UO, h&m, floppy 70's felt hat, h&m round sunnies

Guess who's back from Spain! I really just got back home after my flight (gosh, it feels so damn good to be

home after everything, even though the trip to Barcelona was amazing). I've got pictures to show you

(hopefully-- I don't know how all of these photos turned out), so I'll post them some time later, and now

here's an outfit post from last week-end.

Wearing white clothes with dark details+ golden jewelry. I'm actually loving it, must be because of the bindi

which has now become very popular in the whole blogosphere. I remember seeing it on tumblr a few times

before utterly falling in love with the thing. You'll definitely be seeing more of it in my future posts, people.

Oh, and you might have noticed how my fourth finger on the right hand is bruised as hell, blue and purple.

Yeah, I kind of failed to catch a ball in gym about a week ago.. Still can't wear rings on it, hurts like crap!

Anyway, I'm off to rest a lil' bit (aka play Draw Something).



Irene Buffa said...

so perfect <3

Natali said...

I'm in love with your shorts and jewelry! Gorgeous outfit, you look magnificent!

Sheyla said...


Very Bohemian chic.


Jacqueline From Da Block said...

You look so stunning! Cute bindi too.

xx Jacqueline

miia said...

you look so cool and those shorts are so pretty! (:
xx, Miia

Ady Any said...

oh my godness I love you!!!
I llllllove the red lipstick on you!
and the 4th photo is totally gorgeous! <3
cant wait to see photos from barcelona! :)

Anna said...

Wow. Wonderful photos! :)

Raisa H. said...



AdmiralBiatch said...

I really love this outfit, and also the way you pose ! I find posing extremely awkward and difficult, but you're a natural and look amazing every time ! x

Beth said...

Amazing jewelry! Love this look!

The Melting Pot - by Laura said...

Great photos and lovely outfit. I love how your style has developed.

Anonymous said...

I love the color contrast: white outfit with bold and darker accessories. <3

Leslie Quiros said...

those H&M sunnies are so perfect! I wonder why I never see this when I goooo!

Antonia said...

This look is so perfect! :)


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

You look easy, breezy and beautiful.

Angelina said...

lovelovelove it (esp. the bindi). You look amaaazing x

Patricia Silvério said...

beautiful !

Andrés Corella said...

Lace and Knit..two of my favourite things! Great outfit

The Black Label

Olivilla said...

love the look!

maggie said...

Such a sick look! I love all of your jewelry.
Hope your finger gets better! That looks like it hurts!

xx maggie

The Fashion Estate said...

Amazing, as always. Love that bindi on you :)
Hope your finger will be better soon, it looks really painful!

Nikki said...

LOVE this outfit, you look so chic!! Wow:) XX

rock 'n' roll your life said...

love your outfit!

Wall of Fashion said...

Great outfit! You look absolutely beautiful and summer-proof!

xx marije

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I absolutely love this outfit!

canon and something new♥mfashionfreak

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning accessories!


Lea ♥ Isabella said...

heyo you look awesooooome!

do you want to check out our blog? ;)


Ishara said...

love the look, the shorts are adorable. and as an indian it's really funny to see everyone with a bindi now a days haha, i don't really like it anymore, as a child i had to wear it every day... i'm relieved that's over haha
xx ish

Antonia-Ivana said...

The shorts are adorable and I like how you mixed white, black and gold. Thumbs up!!

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