May 19, 2012

barcelona photo diary

Thirty very touristy shots from my trip to Barcelona. This journey must've been one of the most amazing 

ones, as the city is full of architecturally astonishing monuments. You can show me any post card of 

Barcelona and I'll be like "been there, done that", because I've really visited all of the hot spots there, 

apparently. I'm a sucker for art, and was ever so excited to go to Spain because a lot of my favorite artists 

are Spanish. That includes Dalí, Miró, Gaudí and obviously Picasso. I was thrilled to visit the Güell park and 

see those sand-castle-like buildings. Breath-taking for sure.

My hotel was right in the middle of Las Ramblas, next to  Miró's mosaic (which I didn't even notice until the 

last day of my journey in Barcelona, what the hell right?). Another clumsy act of mine- I lost my iPod. I

probably managed to swipe it out of my bag somewhere in the Güell park. But yeah, that must be the only

bad thing that's happened to me on that trip. The rest was epic.

So to sum all of that up- I absolutely loved Barcelona, and this is not a trip I'll forget any time soon.


inês said...

Really amazing pics! ♥

Sheyla said...

I'm glad you loved it!

You took some lovely photos.


Anonymous said...

Gaudí, Miró, architecture! Looks like my favorite city of all time :D Can't wait to get there myself

▲Tyna said...

amazing photos! wow:) i wanna go there x♥
and you look sooo pretty:)) i love your shoes!!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

great pics.
love the tranquility in the sitting on the bench one.

Ady Any said...

amazing photos :)
and you look so gorgeous with the braids! :)

rock 'n' roll your life said...

The photos from the plane look best!
And it really sounds like you had a lot of fun!*

Eline said...

this is looking just amaaaazing! I would love to go to barcelona!

Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are just amazing :)

Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are just amazing :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

looks very fun!

canon and something new♥mfashionfreak

Anonymous said...

Those are all amazingg photos! The last one was incredible!

Olivia Burn said...

Barcelona looks so pretty! I love your outfit, and that pink bike!

- Olivia xx

Anna said...

Great post.
Wonderful photos! :)

Beatrycze said...

Nice photos.


wow these photos are so amazing! im jealous!



chris koo said...

Wow, fantastic!
I am most definitely jealous.

The Fashion Estate said...

Amazing pictures, and you look great :).
Barcelona is my favorite city so far, everything's so beautiful en it's also perfect for shopping. X

Anaivilo said...

Omg the city is simply amazing, I love it's architecture, it is really brilliant and unique. You captured the city so beautifully! :D

Angelina said...

Greaaaaat photos x You looked awesomely casual. Seriously.

il était une fois... said...

amazing x

Antonia said...

These photos are awesome! :)


Joy Shana said...

Gorgeous outfit

Anouk Lannoo said...

I've been to barcelona too last week! i love it :)

Antonia-Ivana said...

Oh my god, can't wait any longer for flying there!! The pictures you took are breath-taking.

flowercake said...

that building with the dr. suess windows is so cool

Anonymous said...

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