July 10, 2012

OUTFIT: i want to fly away

leopard printed cross top c/o, thrifted shorts, vintage bag, zara cardigan, 
glasses c/o, h&m thigh-highs

This is what I'd wear to school normally, if I still had school. I was actually freezing because it was so cold 
and I only had shorts on, and it eventually started raining right before I got home. I'm probably going to do 
some sketching now, because I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything physical today. I just feel 
like laying on my bed with my sketchbook and a glass of orange juice on my little table next to me. Ah, the 
good life. Let's not forget the Lenny Kravitz songs playing in the background (props to a friend of mine and 
her blog post for reminding me of how much I love the guy).
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I'm not even going to apologize for the high amount of pictures in this post- I couldn't make up my mind on 
which ones to post, so as you can see I just went for all of them. Not being able to make such simple 
decisions... that's what you get for having Libra as your zodiac sign. Anyways, I got my hair cut yesterday. 
OH THE HORROR. I absolutely hate getting haircuts, but I couldn't avoid it, my tips were oh-so-horrible. 
That's why my hair is tied up in this post, I still am not really used to how it looks (too short. I want long hair. 
Like, really long). I wish that those magical hair-growth potions existed. How awesome would it be to be 
able to grow at least 10 inches of hair in a second? HELLA AWESOME, I say.
And just because I've got 99 problems already and I need one more to make it a hundred, I'm flying to 
Lithuania on Friday (no, that's not the bad part), and can only pack 8 kilos into my suitcase (BAM, that was 
the bad part). So let's think, umm, -3kg for the laptop, -1kg for the creepers, that already just leaves me 5 
kilos to go. This isn't even rational, this is torture. Wish me luck!



Andrea Wanstall said...

This is tooo cute! Love!!!!

Kalina said...

you look awesome! love it!

the creation of beauty is art. said...

This look is just gorgeous! I absolutely love that top.

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

i love reading your posts! i have the same t-shirt. great outfit^^


Grecia said...

loove this outfit!!

Aine O said...

love your top!! this all looks amazing!!

Martina said...

so stylish!

Jacky said...

i love everything about your outfit!
i want your rings, your shoes... <3

Rebecca said...

This is definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours. You look awesome!

Antonia | FASHION IMPERATIVE said...

Amazing outfit! Looking very pretty! :)


Jule said...

wonderful outfit, I really like the hairdo!

Alyssa said...

Oh, how I love lazy days. I love your outfit! I can't get enough of those glasses. I love them, wish I had a pair of my own :)

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely great with tied up hair! I'm in love with the colour of your lipstick - could you tell me how is it called, please? :)
Hope you'll have great holidays :D

Vera said...

Lovely look!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic simple styling!


Julye said...

very cool pictures !!

AdmiralBiatch said...

LOL you're just like me! My hair just about reaches my ass right now. And I'm still trying to grow it out of its V shape. As soon as I have a trim, it feels as if my hair is super short, whilst people around me can't tell much of a difference </3
I'm trying to grow my hair just below my ass lol! What about you :P?

Isabell said...

omg! i love it :p

Katrina said...

leopard printed tee, denim short, granny glasses, gothic rings, creepers and slouchy bag= a cool look xo

The Young Bridget Jones

Ady Any said...

Love it when you have your hair up!!
beautiful photos :)

inês said...

So amazing! Love your tee ♥

Yana Gasparyan said...

found u today,
i really like your blog,
you have a great style!
have a great day dear

Jenna Hughes said...

love the thigh highs! i really need to pick up a pair

Andrés Corella said...

Amazing look..and I am loving those creepers!

The Black Label

Nico And Bri said...

Loves it!

Ishara said...

love the look dear, have fun on your holiday, and may the weather get better
xx ish

rock 'n' roll your life said...

I really love your shorts ♥

floralflowers said...

that looks great, you have amazing style! i know its annoying when people say this, but it would be really cool if you girls could check out my blog, i have just started blogging! xoxo

Anete said...

Adorable blog! Following :)

Anonymous said...

i want to lick your hot little pussy

Jessica said...

Gorgeous outfit! Your hair still looks super long (even though its up). I had to stick to a weight limit when I went on holiday, its awful but I am sure you will have a great holiday anyway :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

The Clothes Maiden said...

You're gorgeous! I love the creepers! xo

DaBi Vintage said...

love your glasses!kisses from Italy

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