November 20, 2012

Tear up my heart

oh my god


Alton, Illinois. Joshua Goor. Gato Negro.
This is an icosahedron  pointillism tattoo done by Joshua Goor.  The geometrical shape represents the element water. Which is my element as a cancer. I couldnt be happier with this piece. 



can i please look like this




All photos are from tumblr.
I felt like it was time for another INSPEHRATION POHSTE. Super dark and not girly, except maybe for 
this awesome Malibu-beach-shaka-surfer-Barbie palm tree print on that one shirt. Please send me one, 
someone, I need to have it in order to live. No one cares for me? OK. Anywayys, double, triple ---make it 
sextuple, octuple and even noncuple!!!--- sole platform shoes are exactly where it's at for me this season. 
I'm swooning and drooling over all of those baddies right now and would kill for a pair of the lil' killers. Faux 
fur and prints are my lovers, too, at this time of the year. No idea where massive golden chains and fishnet 
stand in this whole relationship circle, but they definitely have a presence (and a huge place in my heart too, I 
seriously love them so much it hurts). Crop tops, gold, wide-brimmed felt hats, beanies, awesome 
headpieces... I'm definitely planning dates with this group of badboys.


Angelina said...

Fuck this is awesome. I'm dying for some super-high platform trainers. Damn. Everything here rocks.

Ánderix said...

Aaahg you're killing me, I want EVERYTHING!
Inspiration posts like this usually make me feel worse because I start needing many things I can't have.
At least I own a Malibu-beach-etcetera shirt, which I wore last saturday to a goth party. I was more of a black sheep there with my colorful shirt than all those goths together :p have amazing taste.

allie said...

great post. I want it all so bad!

Solweig Mary said...

This is so inspiring to me too, yeah. I love this post!

Ady Any said...

omg omg omg awwwwwwwwwww <3

Velvet Lightning said...

OMG too much inspiration! ♥

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These are amazing inspiration photos.

Shaz said...

I am definitely inspired by this post.

mafalda. said...

You just want to kill me right?? I love everything .. Amazing inspiration !

Raisa H. said...

ahhhhhh ***_***
this is pleasure for mind!! good taste
I want everything. Great job!
wait for u in RAISALAND

le monde de skadiida said...

beautiful inspirations! (:


carelessly cut said...

Just found your blog and love it.
This is perfection inspiration,

Rosie x

Emma Louise said...

Love love love this inspiration post! My love for JC coltrane's continues!

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