November 5, 2012

Keen on green

cross print mesh blouse c/o, spiky choker c/o, vintage denim jacket, 
creepers c/o, green velvet skirt made by me 

Call me Aquawoman. I'M A MERMAID, AT LAST. I don't mean to sounds narcissistic (or something), but 
I am head over heels for my new hair-- emerald green is awesome, it's like having a gemstone in liquid form 
all over my head. So how did this happen? It hit me that I've wanted greenish hair for a relatively long time (I 
even photoshopped myself into having that hair color once, click here and actually had that color back in 
summer, but never showed it to you, oops!), and I could't stop myself from doing it again. LIVIN' MY LIFE 
TO THE FULLEST YO in terms of beauty or how I like to call it what-else-can-I-do-to-get-weird-stares-
in-the-streets. Because I got at least another 100 of those after dying my hair. Awezome. I consider myself 
as a very cool kid right now. You don't have to, though. Cool story: being the clumsy 
person that I am, I got blue-green dye all over the white walls in my bathroom, and managed to clean them 
with --I know this is weird-- an oven/grill cleaning product. So if ya ever need to clean hair dye off a wall... 
you can totally use that.
And yup, my hair and skirt match. That wasn't done on purpose, I'd planned this outfit a long time ago. Went 
for a somewhat 90's look with some steampunk details (chains, choker, mirrored sunnies)-- exactly how I 
love it. Got this blouse from, and I'm loving every little bit and cross of it. I have a weakness 
for sheer shirts right now, you'll probably be seeing me rocking more of those in the future. I made the skirt 
myself (bought almost literally a ton of velvet and have been getting crafty for the past couple of weeks), I 
simply love this color.




Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous dear! ♥ XOXO

ALLIE said...

You should definitely sell these skirts. I'd make one myself but have no time, yet I'm obsessed with velvet

Natali said...

Such a cool and daring outfit! Love your style :)

fashion doctor said...

stunning look! xxxxxxxxx

Lucie Srbová said...

Very pretty shirt!


Antee Gurung said...

Rock n rollla! Love the hair color n the edgy outfit

Btw do check out my new post
Stay in touch

Annarack said...

This outfit totally rocks!!!!

Ady Any said...

omg you are so cool!!!!!!!!!

Leanne Helmer said...

I wish i had the talent to make myself a skirt like that, you look amazing! Love love love your new hair! x x

Sarah said...

Your hair is freaking amazing. You are amazing.

Kaylyn said...

I'm in love with your hair as well! Not many people can pull off emerald green hair as well as you do. And I love the velvet green circle skirt. I want!
Style Infatuation

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

you did such an amazing job making that skirt.


Ala Majorka said...

This is the most beautifull Outfit What I can Ever See!
LovE your style :)

Marti said...

Awe-some <3 Just as usual :33


Jeline said...

You are awesomesauce and so is your hair!! <3

Iliana, Anne said...

nice blog! love the outfit

CHLOE said...

rad outfit!!

Leah R. said...

omg ur new hair looks amazing to say the least. I just love your style soo much. i know it sounds cheesy but its true u rock!

inês said...

Absolutely fantastic! Love your blouse ♡

megumi said...

amazing hair and outfit<3

❁ S T E P H said...

wooow you have a kickass style
love your blouse and your hair! it matches with your skirt hah xx

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