November 10, 2012

De l'or liquide

gold metallic skater skirt c/o, spiky choker c/o, vintage velvet blouse, New 
Look top, creepers c/o

Hide your jewelry, hide yo' gold, because hey y'all, a new Gold Gangsta's in town. I'll take your chunks of 
gold and get 'em melted to fill my wardrobe with invaluable golden outfits. I'm a glam 'n' chique criminal, 
massive golden chain necklaces and a touch of doré lipstick are also a must to play the part. You don't know 
me? Tell me you're kidding. 'Wanted' posters with my face on them are pinned up all over the city! The 
fashion police is going crazy over finding me, but I hope you wont denounce me, I can share my gold and 
need an accomplice anyway. Anyone up for it? ;)
I'm not actually a burglar, you guys. I love this skirt far too much, and I've been obsessed with anything gold
(and glitter, while we're at it, you'll hopefully be seeing a lot of it in the future!!), so I just invented so many 
characters in my head while I was wearing this outfit. Maybe I've gone crazy, maybe I just have many 
different sides of me. I hope you like it and hype it!


the creation of beauty is art. said...

Such a wonderful look. I just love that skirt!

Ánderix said...

I love this look, particularlt the shit and hat, they're so awesome ♥
I'd totally steal your hairstyle if I didn't have a job that disapproves freaky hair colors :'(

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

amazing skirt


allie said...

damn I wish I owned that shirt

Anonymous said...

Tavo stilius pasaka! Labai gražu

Jade said...

love the spiked choker and your style!

Olivia Burn said...

Love the skirt and the creepers! x


wow awesome outfit! you look so cool


♥ Ellen

Jeline said...

This is amazing <3

CHLOE said...

love this outfit, and your hair's really awesome!

Juliet said...

your style rocks!!!!

Anete said...

Stunning. ツ

Eline said...

i'm just so in love with your hair.

Diva In Me said...

I still think your hair is so darn cool and I like your shoes too! =)

Rūta said...

Veeeeerry nice!!!

ar†ificial said...

god! how i love ur looks! and ur BLOG! u a a muse!

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