October 11, 2012

Photo diary kind of thing

I know I don't do these too often, but I've found myself with so many folders on my desktop and twice as 
many photos I've never shared with you guys! So above are some pictures you haven't seen before, a lot of 
them being ones from when I was in Lithuania at a friend's place during the summer, and we had a photo 
shoot with Solveiga O., who is an amazing photographer! Check out her facebook page here and make 
sure you like it, because I swear her stuff is stunning! Looking at these pictures reminds me that I put my 
beanie somewhere and can't find it. Let the searching begin.
I'm so exhausted right now, because I came back about an hour ago-- I had two hours of dance. Super 
awesome but also tiring as hell! I usually hate Thursdays, but some amazing people in my school decided to 
make a concert happen during lunch time, so a lot of dubstep and electro music is still making my heart 
pound to the beat like crazy. Lovin' it! I mean, seriously. A friggin' party in school during lunch time? Nothing 
better than food and loud music.


Marti said...

asdfghjkl; why you always so perfect? <3


Catarina said...

amazing are so preety and I love your style soooo much! <3 xx

Ady Any said...

stunning!!!! love you <3

mafalda. said...

I love everything, how can you always look perfect??

Leanne Helmer said...

Gorgeous, love the pictures! x

the creation of beauty is art. said...

These pictures are beautiful. I love the black and white ones!

Jacky said...

and again i have to say that you're perfect! <3

Antee Gurung said...

Wow love the pics...Repthat first classic n cool

Btw do check out my new post
Stay in touch

The Daydreamer said...

I'm enjoying these pictures so much. you are so gorgeous! <3

Mona said...

your clothes are always so beautiful :3

Shevah said...

you should do more posts like this. love it <3

fox hunter said...

first of all: great post! and i love the leopard-denimshorts-hat look A LOT xxx

Michèle said...

Where is your beanie from? You look amazing, as always : )

Corona Australis said...

you have an amazing smile !

Beatrycze said...

awesome post. :>

Jessica said...

I love the leopard print top and glasses :)

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