September 29, 2012

The people on the edge of the light

eyeball earcuff c/o, metallic leggings c/o, h&m tee, 
creepers, thrifted +diy vest

I C U. Eye see you. Well, my third eye does. I always thought that if I ever had a third eye, it would be on 
my forehead. I guess I was wrong, as it seems to have found its place on my ear. Loving this eyeball 
earcuff/earring from chicnova. They've got some amazeballs clothing that you just have got to check out this 
instant, they have a whole collection of garments that are all about the eyeball prints and all that (check it out 
here, you're gonna loove it!). The golden metallic leggings come from there too, and they are so rad that I
had to share this look with y'all asap. I'm currently loving the whole golden/metallic/shiny 'trend', and I'm 
definitely looking forward to going to some vintage shops to find some sort of gold sweater or something. 
But for now, I'm bringing back the 90's oversized denim style with this vest I got in a thrift store back in 
Lithuania. I seriously can't wait to go back there, they have the most amazing thrift shops, literally on every 
ANYWHOM, I am not getting back to sewing! 8 days left 'till the auditions. No freaking time to waste!


Fashion Lover said...

Great outfit!! I love your metallic leggings!!


Natali said...

Great shirt and earrings!

Beatrycze said...

Great outfit and awesome earcuff.

Diana Amorim said...

Love your pictures! What camera do you use?

mafalda. said...

You're so beautiful, I love every post that you do, this one is perfect :)

Anonymous said...

you look stunning as usual!one of my favorite blogs <3

Anonymous said...

love your leggings

tuuli said...

love your blog! nice outfit :)

Ánderix said...

Aaaawesome look! I love everything. You make me wanna run to a store to look for an oversized denim vest, it's awesome. And the golden tights are great too, I'd like to own a pair too but I don't know if I could pull them off like you!
Kisses! And good luck with the audition!!

Anete said...

I adore your creepers. ♡

Maja said...

I'm always impressed by your outfits, that's all I can say :) xx

ALLIE said...

Great outfit, especially your vest. And I freaking love your tattoo!

Kaylyn said...

Haha that ear chain is so cool! Definitely love the urban vibe off of this outfit. And you always have the best thrift store finds!

Style Infatuation

TatiannaMaria said...

In love with this outfit!
Your shirt and vest are amazing :)
Love your blog.

xx, TatiannaMaria

Mona said...

great photos (:
love this shirt!

Monica Barleycorn said...

you're so stylish and cool! Can't believe you're only 15 - amazing!
Monica x

Devina said...

Love what you're wearing! Your earcuff is so pretty x

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