June 12, 2012

OUTFIT: stare into the sun

sister's shirt, new look shorts, creepers, h&m mini bag, forever21 necklaces

Outfit inspired by the song below by Graffiti6. So damn nostalgic, chill and basically just perfect. Plus, the

colors in the video are so cool that I was inspired and decided to wear this colorful paisley printed top that I

came across in my sister's wardrobe as I was taking back my stuff from her (I'd like to say HI to her if she

ever reads this, and sorry for going into your room, lolz dude). Instinctively paired it with black lace shorts

and this awesome gypsy-like 'headpiece' that is actually a very old belt. Again, my hair got messed up

because of the wind, but THAT'S 0K, because I like the messy-hair look. It works with the free-spirit/soul,

careless persona vibe going on in this outfit. #sohardcore #friggincareless #iatemydessertbeforemydinner

And now I'll carry on with watching Supernatural (I'm so hooked on it), and maybe occasionally peeking at

my chemistry books, which is actually what I am supposed to be doing, since I've got a huge test of it

tomorrow. This is my last b-test (that's what these things are called), so it'll hopefully go well! Wish me luck!



Irene Buffa said...

great top dear <3
so cool
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perfumehk said...

Fabulous outfit, perfect combination.
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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Gorgeous top. You look like a model.
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monkeyshines ♥ said...

cool headpiece!


Aine O'hagan said...

awesome headband!!

Sarah said...

I love the print of your top and the statement jewelry xx

Rini Hastuti said...

its totally stunning <3

nakedqueen said...

your shoes <3

love your necklaces

and you look so cool

Nikki said...

You look lovely, the blouse is so gorgeous and the headband looks awesome!:) XX

maggie said...

That top is so cool. Love it with the head piece.

xx maggie

Agne Vanity said...

You are awesome! I love your sense of style:)

rock 'n' roll your life said...

I really love this headband,your shorts,your shoes,your shirt,..just everything!

Marti said...

You look so unsual! Great! <3


Ady Any said...

love your smile with teeth! <3
you look absolutely amazing and I love the make up :O :)

Pegase said...

beautiful look

ž said...

šaaakės. žiūriu ir negaliu atsižiūrėt, nuostabiai atrodai. o bežiūrėdama prisiminiau, kad ir gyvai esu tave mačius. 2009 lyg metais, atgajoooj (: sunkiai beatpažįstama!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

love your eyebrows.

it's almost done-neue post♥mfashionfreak

Raquel. said...

Got obsessed with this outfit,

inês said...

You are amazing, love your outfit ♥

Georgia said...

Your headpiece is amazing! Such a genius idea to make one out of an old belt xx

Julie said...

This boho looks amazing! I love the headpiece so much xx

Martina said...

u have a new follower!

Avia Dinda Larasati said...

your beautiful in this
love the top and shorts


Amanda said...

wow u are gorgeous! I just stumbled across your blog and I cannot get enough of it=)

Katrina said...

its bold move to wear in combination of heavy head piece, grungy/indie rings and some original eye make ups! you're gorgeous and an inspiration. something i would wear to the festivals xo

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